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Headbanger Lures

Headbanger BangerBug Fishing Lures (7.6cm) 10 Pack

Headbanger BangerBug Fishing Lures (7.6cm) 10 Pack

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You're about to purchase Headbanger BangerBug Fishing Lures!

Get ready to attract those predatory fish on your next lure fishing outing.

These lures are fantastic at displacing water and triggering that sought after strike from a nearby fish. They feature precision engineered flippers at the ends of the claws creating an unbeaten kicking action.

Get out there straight away with the BangerBug - it works with almost every style of rigging! But it really starts to shine when paired with the Headbanger RockerHead - with this set up it perfectly imitates the swimming action of a real crawdad.

A small recess on the back of these lures enables the hook point to be hidden away. Here's some added benefits:

  • Helps to prevent snagging
  • Makes the lure as presentable as possible to fool those hungry preds
  • Keeps the lure in top condition as there's no need to skin-hook
  • No skin-hooking also means higher hook up ratios!

To ensure you get the optimal movement out of this lure, it features two dots on its belly. These serve as guides as to where to enter and exit the soft plastic with the hook point.


Fishing lure size:

  • 7.6cm (3 inches)

Approx. fishing lure weight:

  • 4g

Fishing lure colours:

  • Okeechobee Craw
  • Green Pumpkin
  • Junebug
  • Pearl White
  • Bama Craw
  • Black Blue Flake
  • Watermelon Red Flake
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