About us

Welcome to Lure Fishing Tackle! Want to learn a little about us before you make your first order? Check this out:

My name's Lee and back in 2023, I fell in love with lure fishing. Having previously only used float roads and caught silvers, YouTube videos lured me in to the world of lures and catching predatory fish.

I remember catching my first Perch using a lure. I was set up with my normal float road, monofilament line and a tiny 1 inch micro lure on a 2.5 gram jig head. Totally amateur and didn't even know if I was doing it right but boy, that first fish got me hooked (sorry).

After that, I decided to get a proper set up - spoke to a lovely chap during my time on the canal who gave me advice on which bits and bobs I need to get started.